Eric Barth:
Nature Abstracted

November 3 - 30, 2017

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(A) Stranger Here *

Evening, Lakeside

As the Dark Clouds Descend 

The Long Lines of Winter 

Ashen Hilltops *

Winter's Last Conquest *

In the Shadows

What's Reflected Doesn't Lie *

Brought to Light *

The Waves Will Always Roll 

Borderline *

This is Yesterday  

Desolate Way 

Early Morning Catch *

Drifting toward Shore *

In the Blink of an Eye

Midnight Blue Nocturne 

From the Front of the House

A Long Path to Nowhere

Evening's Catch *

Laid Bare

Morning's Bright Return *

The Light Grows Weak

Looking South over Santa Fe *

Morning's Reverie 

Lingering Clouds *

Mountain View, Santa Fe

Santa Fe Evening

Santa Fe Study

Snow in the Mountains *

Stacked *

Santa Fe, Late Afternoon, February

Tesuque Creek Trail
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