George Bellows and His Contemporaries:
Columbus' Finest

September 22 - October 27, 2017

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  George Bellows  

Bathing Beach *

Comber *

Elsie, Emma, and Marjorie (First Stone) *

Evening Snow

Nude Study, Girl Standing on One Foot

The Pool Player


Sunday, 1897 *

Spring, Central Park
Emerson Burkhart

(Roman Johnson at Easel with Train)

Baseball Batter-Up, Night Game

Street Scene with African-American Mother and Children
Robert Chadeayne

(Horses Grazing in Dappled Sunlight)

(Fisherman, Maine)

(Winterscape with Figures in
Yellow and Cabin) *
Ralph Fanning

Untitled (Cape Cod Cottage)
Edna Hopkins

Cineraria (Purple Zinnias)

James Hopkins

The Yellow Curtain

Morning Light, Blue Drapes

Seated Nude, Facing Right

Seated Nude, Side Back *
Ray Kinsman-Waters

Garden with Three Figures

Hocking Hills

Le Mans Street Scene *

Street at Changer *
Harriet Kirkpatrick

New Mexican Village
Edmund Kuehn

The Black Spindle

The Apparition *

Tile Reds and Blues*

Still Life with Violets

Urban Calligraphy*
Lucius Kutchin


Alice Schille

Dalmatian Fishing Village

A Gray Market

Grape Arbor, Le Puy

A Courtyard in the Pyrenees

Labor VII

The Blue Umbrella, Gloucester

Nocturne, Mexico

Blue Mountains, Adobe Houses,
New Mexico

Nocturne, Mexico

The Blue Bonnet (Lacemaker, Le Puy)

Pyrenees Village,
Old Lady Making Lace

Sunday at Touquet

The Looking Glass

Little Girls on a Flemish Doorstep *
Clyde Singer

Katz Meow
Yeteve Smith

Carl Springer

Moonlit Path
James Thurber

Crap Game


Place Kick

The Match

Why don't you young people play post office?
Martin Tischler
Shepherd with Sinuous Flute
* Hold
* Sold

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