Alan Gough

Contemporary Landscapes

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Spring in the Valley

Spring Stream Chiaroscuro

Scioto Trails Spring Height

Across the Soft Summer Air

Midsummer Creek Bed

White Pine Summer Portrait

North Pasture Line

All through Polk Hollow

Morning Highlight

Going through Polk Hollow

Autumn Shoreline

Last of the Snow

Snow Squall at Steele's

High on a Hill

Western Front *

Owl Creek Run

Remaining at Grandview

Winter Farm Lines

* Sold


Jim and I are honored to be representing Alan Gough who has been a visual poet of the Ohio landscape, in all its guises, for nearly 50 years. His paintings have spare, architectonic pictorial designs that lend a quiet, contemplative authority to his art that transcends the mere documentation of nature. His mastery of the nuances of light, space, texture, and color is combined with the evocation of the physicality and "sweep" of the landscape. He captures a palpable spirit of a place and of its inhabitants.

Critical Excerpts

"With great sensitivity for its mood and a sharp edge for its peculiarities, Gough captures its many faces in paintings that are remarkably strong for all their lyricism."

"At the same time, Gough adheres strictly to geometrical divisions of space and composition. . . Turned on their sides or placed upside down, they still would be fascinating paintings."

Jacqueline Hall, The Columbus Dispatch



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