Jean Koeller

Contemporary Paintings

Artist's Statement:

My current body of work engages landscape. Working from both life and memory, these ordinary, dense views redefine the boundaries of landscape and beauty. I move between experience and thought, representation and abstraction, distilling information by observation and recall. I explore, physically and psychologically, the essence of life of the interior – the “interior” of the landscape, and the interior self.

Art and nature draw me equally into their respective worlds. I find that my painting is seamlessly about both, since long ago I lost any ability or desire to separate the two or to regard one over the other. In the end, the painting tells me what I need to do. The process constantly presents new possibilities, both from and away from nature.

I use trees as a metaphor for people or bodies, telling stories, placing my viewer or myself in the painting or directing their or my relationship to the image. I am still fascinated by light, using color to describe its meaning, expression and it’s time.

I am fascinated by how trees grow and how one can see the obvious process through branches, leaves and when roots appear. They are expanding internally and the bark is being shed and can you see it happen? Wishing that I could use a dendrochronology sampling for my own growth; perhaps my tree rings are my paintings.