Michael McEwan

Contemporary Paintings

Michael McEwan's beautiful and evocative color harmonies, rich and vital brushwork, subtle command of the nuances of light, and sophisticated compositions distinguish his art. His paintings and works on paper demonstrate his mastery and knowledge of painting -- its history, methods and materials. He is equally adept in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel. 

Michael's vibrant "bravura" paint handling and keen awareness of decorative geometric possibilities inherent in the picture plane link his work with the contemporary art world's emphasis on "mark-making," structure and abstractions. Yet his historic, traditional bond with nature and reality blend his art with the 19th century landscape tradition. 

Michael's subject matter remains principally of landscapes, namely: light-infused Ohio riverscapes, bucolic rural pastoral views, expansive marsh vistas along the Maryland shore. However, his paintings are evolving toward more muted tones, which nevertheless have a resonant vitality. The artist masterfully captures specific times and places, while transcending those depictions, to create visual poems about man's relationship with nature.

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