Carol Snyder
Contemporary Sculpture

Carol’s art is a unique fusion of exquisite craftsmanship in the challenging medium of porcelain with an evocative luminous abstraction of the elemental forms associated with the landscape. The finely articulated features of her sculpture yield a delicate visual poetry about nature and our ties to it. Carol has exhibited her work at the Canton Museum of Art and in a two-person exhibition at the Southern Ohio Museum.

Artist's Statement:

My work comes from the ceramic craft tradiiton of wheel thrown vessels but moves beyond what we perceive as a domestic object to one that speaks of aesthetic, of form and my primary interest in pattern and texture within the landscpe. The traditional, peaceful process of creating this work to me is comparable to the centered, meditative calm of the landscape; vast and monumental or humble.

Easch piece is a kind of record of an experience I have had in nature. I condense and abstract the patterns and textures from nature so that the work becomes less representational. This reductive method allows the form to embody my vision, my memory and more importantly, a feeling that I experienced at the time.

 My work is not about a process or glaze: it is to express a sense-of quiet, of balance, of ties to the natural world.