African American Masterworks

January 26 - March 1, 2018

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  William Hawkins  

Broad and High

Indian with Spear and Headdress *

Neil House No.1

Buffalo Hunter


Charlie Chaplin

The Family

Lady with Collaged Eyes
Elijah Pierce

Black Beauty

Parts of Man

Christ with Rose

Born Again

Untitled (Chariot in a Procession)

Anniversary Flowers *
Aminah Robinson

Call and Post Paper *

(Face and Hands) *

Study for Walkers

Rooster Dance

The Grocer

Timelessness of Life (Bryce Florist)

(Cart, Sapelo Series) *

(Town and High Study)

Red Scarf (Streets of New York) *

(Timelessness of Life)

The Numbers *

(Portrait) *

Spiritul: No More Auction Block for Me, No More!

Quiltmaker Big Annie...

The Crow Man in Poindexter Village

(Woman with Sack)
Roman Johnson

Roman Johnson's Drawing Box and
Roman's Pencil Holder (gift
from Aminah Robinson)
Queen E. Brooks

Life Signs and Symbols

Night Life *
Romare Bearden

(Narrow Sky Line) *

White River

Midtown Canyon
Ralph Bell





Mary Merrill

The Clown

Doll (Blue Dress)


Doll (Orange Dress) *

Doll (Floral Dress)
* Hold
* Sold

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