Alan Gough and the Winter Landscape

March 11 - April 20, 2018

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All the Way North *

Coming off the North Slope *

On to Williamsport

From the Top

All Out *

Ice Bound

Winter Farm Lines *

Lining the Knoll *

Levee Lines

Ellensmere Thaw

Horizon House *

A Winter's Tale *

Gate Stump

Late Winter, Late Afternoon *

Entrance Gate

Going South

Last of the Snow

Winter Reise (Winter Journey)

December Ornamental

Leaving the Farm

Topping the Knoll *

Owl Creek Pairing *

Post December

Post Mark

Tracking Grandview *

Reub Hill Road Thaw

Out Back

Reub Outpost *

Spring Bank Lineage

The Line in Winter *
* Hold
* Sold

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